Rediscover Adventure

Are Holidays meant just for relaxation

Rediscover Adventure

For the active lifestyle seeker- Sri Lanka is paradise itself. Starting from the coast, Water sports and activities for the well trained sportsman are available along the shore as well as at inland locations. Surfing, diving, kite surfing and a variety of many more activities are sure to whet your adventure appetite.

Are holidays meant just for relaxation? In Rediscover Sri Lanka, we don’t think so. A holiday wouldn’t be complete without a moment or two to spice things up. How would it feel to listen your heart beating to a wild rhythm, or to shiver at a fine bead of sweat trickling down your spine? Take it from us - that’s exactly what adventure feels like.

For those who are feeling slightly adventurous, Central Highlands provide ideal locations for trekking and climbing. In a matter of hours you can witness wildlife, geographic wonders as you tread across the grasslands. National parks and nature reserves ideal for game drives. Tumbling upon a dancing peacock or a group of deer at a lakeside would always be a bonus. Moreover you are welcome to shove these ideas aside, and simply grab a bike to pedal around for a few days.

At Rediscover Sri Lanka, our expertise run deeper as themed adventure holidays and multi activity holidays, where you can discuss and adjust the program to your desire. Priority will be given to your preferences of difficulty levels and of course, well trained staff will always be there to assist you.

So, buckle up and get ready, we are more than ready to help you to make your stay actiontastic!

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