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‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’ was first taken root in the hearts of three travel enthusiasts, Chan , Nish and Udeni who have had more than a decade of travel experience under their belts. They have travelled to numerous places, both local and overseas. Additionally on a contemporary perspective, they love to keep up with the fast-growing world of tourism and that thirst makes them grab every opportunity to learn the latest trends on the field and adapt them to suit this wondrous destination, and make you feel more at home during your stay. As a team, they pursue towards excellence by creating memorable experience for the traveler who demands something more than their regular cup of tea.

Chan’s Contour
Having done a brief stint in the Banking sector, Chan spent couple of years involved in Qualitative Marketing Research and the Hospitality Industry, which laid a firm foundation to his next move; pursuing a lifelong passion for Travel and Adventure. Upon qualifying as a National Tourist Guide Lecturer from Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, He commenced a career as a freelance tour leader, Designer and a tour consultant. Since then, for almost 7 years he has collaborated with renowned international tour operators Such as EXPLORE, SPICEROADS, TOPAS TOURS, FAR HORIZONS C&C TRAVELS etc.; specially in Active and Adventure Tourism. As a Co-Founder and a designer he brings in a wealth of knowledge on to the table, expertise that has been acquired through facilitating and exchanging of ideas with travelers across the globe who come from numerous backgrounds, cultures and interest levels. During his free time Chan loves to pack a tent, jump on his scooter and visit places far off the beaten track in search forunique getaways, and experiences which inspires the tours and holidays he tailors for adventurers with a lust to wander. A runner, cyclist and an outdoors man to the sense of the word, Chan dreams of completing the Ironman Triathlon at least once in his lifetime.

Friends and clients call him “Nish” but school mates called him Tin-Tin. Born and bred in a tea plantation, blended with a rural yet colourful ethnic diversity, grown up with Tamil and Sinhalese friends, a school cricketer, proven athlete and a software developer transformed into a national tourist guide; he proudly says "I do the most beautiful profession in the most beautiful country. Nishantha is a high calibre blue-blooded national tour guide and adventure travel advisor thinking and doing out of the box. Nish can Ice-break the monotone of sun-lush travelers, restart their batteries and inject some extra adrenaline into their active and adventure travel experiences together with cherishing memories in Sri Lanka. He is talkative in Tamil, Russian and English next to his mother tongue. Nish has been guiding and leading the FITs and GITs from some of the well-known international tour operators like Smartreiser-Norway, SpiceRoads-Thailand, India Unbound-Australia, Topas Travel–Denmark, Reisehaus-Switzerland, Vena Tours-U.K, Fox-Netherland, Intrepid-Australia and Smile Times-China. Nish accomplished as an associate business executive; ABE from Alpha meridian College .Greenwich .London through his higher studies in tourism and hospitality management in 2011. Nish is also a post graduate diploma holder in management and leadership at Edexcell-U.K. Nish is still cherishing the old memories of working as a sales assistant at TESCO super market as well as playing cricket for the Baracknell District Club; 2012/13 summer seasons for Thames valley league. He is now more into cycling and trekking tours in Sri Lanka.

is yet another well qualified and experienced young tourism professional in Sri Lanka strengthening the rediscover-srilanka team. She is a graduate in Tourism Management from the Sabaragamuwa University in Sri Lanka and is a keen bird watcher and nature lover. She worked for more than four years at Jetwing Eco Holidays, which is a well known nature tourism company in Sri Lanka specializing in bird watching and other niche market nature tours. During this time she got the opportunity to visit and experience most of the national parks, nature reserves and bird sanctuaries in the country with some of the most experienced professionals in the field, which she considers a great opportunity in her life that has given her a wealth of productive experience and knowledge. Udeni’s willingness to gain more knowledge in different subject matters gave her the confidence to complete her Post Graduate Diploma in Heritage Management at the Post Graduate Institute of Archeology and Research of the University of Kelaniya. More than all, her charisma and cheerfulness has made her the live wire and the good luck charm of the entire team.

On the other hand, the team behind ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’ is surprisingly few in number, which belies the vast potential they hold. From top to the very bottom of the chain, every member is an asset to the group, a definite human resource in ways more than one. With the help of these talented, and extremely creative bunch of people, the vision of ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’ is molded, enhanced and brought in to reality for you to indulge in.

Our People

To the sense of the word, they are our people. Our team is made up of a group of individuals who are hand-picked just for the purpose of rending the best service you expect. A bunch of typical Sri Lankans, with diverse back grounds and ethnicities bound together by one, single aim in ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’, work with infinite care and see to your needs. Always ready with a generous smile, they’ve got the will and desire to take you to extreme lengths to make your stay wonderful. Rediscover Sri Lanka is not just a tour company, but a portal where variety meets, mingles and manifests. Through their unity and devotion, our people bring the concept of rediscovery in to reality. They got the talent, they got the knowledge, and most of all - they got the passion.

Our Style

We are different. It’s a cliché, but in our case - we sincerely mean it. The secret behind the accomplishment of ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’ is its ability to come up with the best tour plan guaranteed to suit you perfectly well. Countless feedback received from satisfied guests, regular vacationers choosing ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’ as their trusted tour company is just a handful of proof on our success story. Having a few people to execute our mission really helps, for lesser the hassle, the better we can listen to your desires and listening; we do plenty. We focus on our guest’s interests, give priority to preferences and throw in an ounce of their personality in to the mix. After all, personality is the window to your best interest. Seeing you enjoy tour stay at this magical land gives the kind of satisfaction so indescribable that is understood only by those who feel it.

It’s true that we want you to be happy, but our aim doesn’t stop there. We want to see the smile spreading on the face of the roadside vendor, or the flower girl beside the temple. Our aim is to bring joy in to as many lives as possible along the way of our journey. Though it’s not practically possible to make everybody happy, we are not alone in our quest, for our guest gives the biggest helping hand. Those who make holidays with ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’ would not only have the time of their lives, they would also support a handful of natives by shedding light in to their lives. That’s the unique, yet simple style of ours.