Why Sri Lanka?

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Why Sri Lanka

Draped by the waves of the southern seas, Sri Lanka can only be expressed as a land like no other. This pearl shaped island where it derives the term; pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a treasure-trove of tradition and culture. Its different communities with their eloquent languages, varied religions and an abundance of races create the perfect getaway for the curious traveler. Despite their diversity, Sri Lankans have many things in common. From the busiest salesman to the random pedestrian, they will all have a smile to offer to every passerby. In fact, don’t be surprised if a complete stranger strikes up a conversation and ushers you to his home for a cup of tea, that’s the kind of hospitality Sri Lanka is famous for.

God indeed had been generous in bestowing beauties of nature to this little island. Area wise, though it is a mere stretch of land, Sri Lanka is the home for a wonderful assortment of exotic sceneries. Aquamarine waters where whales are frequent visitors are delicately trimmed by magnificent beaches with golden sand. Lush mountains covered with age-old tea estates paints a picture of emerald brilliance which is blotted only by the bold colours of sarees worn by an occasional tea plucker. Indescribable is the vision created by the ancient ruins in Anuradhapura eclipsed by the setting sun. But the fascinating fact about Sri Lanka is that you can access any of these mesmerizing destinations within a couple of hours. You can wake up to glance at the misty mountain tips, try your luck at the clashing white waters by lunch time and call it a night where you’ll be lulled by the soothing waves of the southern coastline.

Not only for the orthodox holidaymaker, is Sri Lanka a paradise for the adventure seeker as well. Variety of adventure holidays you can take part is tremendous owing to the fact that this island is diverse in its setting. Surfing, Water skiing, scuba diving, whale watching are some activities offered in the coastal area, where as you can participate in rock climbing, white water rafting, hot air ballooning or simply mounting a bike and taking on those pathways that snake through sleepy villages, busy towns or undiluted woods in the inland. Regardless of what your perspective would be, this magical island will surely enwrap you in her spell and present you with endless array of lovely memories to take back home.

At Rediscover Sri Lanka, we believe in providing you with unique, authentic, adventurous and sustainable tours that can never be competed against. Rather than giving a tour out of the list, we offer you a glimpse behind the curtains; to witness the true Sri Lankan lifestyle. A rare, yet priceless chance to step away from the viewing panel and become one in the other side.

We invite you to rediscover yourself with ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka’.