Rediscover Exclusive

Its time to Rediscover

Rediscover Exclusive

Do you have a dream holiday in you?
Do share it with us, and we’ll really make it happen!

In Rediscover exclusive, we design custom made tours, for the classified group of guests with stimulating ideas. Planned according to the length of the stay, we offer tailor made tours closer to nature, wildlife, culture and history, adventure, tranquility or a mix of all.

Itineraries are planned after meticulous discussions, focused mainly on your interests and desires, giving a snippet of our expert advice here and there. Occasional involvement of locals to deliver greater knowledge and insights is recommended. For those who know what is best for them, Rediscover exclusive is the ideal holiday planner to make their stay one exotic time of their lives.

So contact us, and start planning your tour today. Rediscover, with ‘Rediscover Sri Lanka.’